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About HFHH

Healthy Food Healthy Home was founded with one goal in mind - losing weight after a hysterectomy. Whether that means eating healthier, sleeping more, or just de-stressing, I have boldly gone where many women had gone before and failed.

From tips on how to best recover from a hysterectomy, the best workouts for your body once you've healed, the foods you need to eat to heal faster, or the mattress you seriously need to switch out, you'll find a ton of recommendations on site, all of it with this one single purpose.

Before my hysterectomy was scheduled for March 2020, I was a relatively healthy 35-year-old woman at normal body weight. Then COVID-19 hit, my surgery was cancelled, and I was off work for 3 months. Once the lockdown was over, they rescheduled my surgery for the day I was actually supposed to return to work.

This led to me being off for another 2 months, and I tell you - after being off for 5 months total, and not being able to move around a lot, I gained a solid 30 pounds.

Over the next few months, I did everything humanly possible to drop the weight (at least I thought I did), with not a lot of success. What was I doing wrong? Why were my efforts going to waste?

Well, it turns out your body doesn't actually snap back to normal once you've had a hysterectomy. Fluctuating hormones, crazy cravings, mood swings, and more were derailing me at every corner.

I started doing a LOT of research into this subject and came across so many tips from so many women; I decided to put it all into one massive resource here.

Once I actually started to apply this knowledge to my own body, the weight started coming off. And so far, it's stayed off.

If you're struggling to lose weight after a hysterectomy, you've come to the right place. I am here to help, and guide you every step of the way.

Mallory Milne
HFHH - Healthy Food Healthy Home